Natures Yes Man

When I was young I learned the useful habit
Of saying yes to what my betters said
Although I lacked the courage of a Rabbit
I had in me what does quite well instead
With all aggressive boys as big, or bigger
I found myself in sweet argument blest
And, though I –well-cut no heroic figure
I am a Yes man and I always yessed.

The habit so well learned has never left me.
It stood me well throughout my whole career.
I looked upon the faces of the hefty
And Yessed away and yesses do endear
I yessed myself into the firms blessing
And became a manager with all the rest
All that with only twenty years of yessing
I am a yes man and I always yessed.

Reliable the powers that be all call me
A man that always can be counted on
Those veribose independent chappies gall me
I think of one word only in my lexicon
And. Whisper. Some say I’ll go high and higher
They say I yet may rise to heights unguessed
I think I have what bosses all require
I am a yes man and I always yessed.

Guvnor on the intercom be kind to this poor chancer
Ask of me questions at any test.
Requiring an affirmative for an answer
I am yes man and I always yessed.

William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)