Pearse to Ireland

Mother Ireland. I have loved thee
With a love that knew not fear
I have drawn the sword to free thee
At the flowering of the year
But a hand was raised to smite thee
As I stooped to kiss thy brow
And the arm that would have freed thee
By my side hangs helpless now.

I have lived and loved and laboured
With a patriots heart and will
That the dawning years might find the
Fearless and unfettered still.
I am vanquished and my comrades
For the glorious fight have bled
And the countless hearts that loved thee
Rest among the silent dead.

But t’was nobler thus to perish
Than to wipe away the tears
With the distant voice of Freedom
Echoing in these dying years
Then to stand as fawning minions,
Of the sneering conquestors’ race
With the clanking chains of bandage
Telling of our deep disgrace.

When the deathless glow of freedom
Flickering through the gloom of years
Shall have flashed upon the hilltops
Conquers of gloom and tears
When a future ago shall find thee
Freeman standing by my side
Mother Ireland oh remember
T’was for Freedoms cause they died.

They are gone and I must follow,
To rest in the land above
Where the mighty God of Justice
Shall reward a patriots love
Sweet it were to live and love thee
Sweeter far for thee to die
With the flower clad hills around me
Echoing back my last good bye.

Rev. P. MacThomas