Hannah’s Vigil

Now, go to sleep Granddad, the day is through
And pleasant dreams are awaiting you
The night is peaceful, the day was grand
And crowds have gone from the nearby strand
So on to slumber with your sunshine tan
As silence reigns in the caravan
I’ll stay awhile and a vigil keep
Until you Granddad go to sleep

But in the morning when I awake
I’ll trot out early and your old head shake
We’ll walk with Gracie hand-in hand
And play with sea shells upon the sand
We’ll watch the seagulls in xxx flocks
And pick some winkles on the Bridgeway Rocks
But now I want you in slumber deep
So dear Old Grandad go to sleep.

Chorus. Repeat first verse; Perhaps the 1st 4 lines.

By William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)

The draft copies of this poem contains a verse that is worthy of inclusion, and more poignant given the context.

Your time is closing Granddad dear
And the twilight’s looming for you I fear
And when you go there an honoured guest
May angels bring you eternal rest
But at this moment you’re in my care
I want no peeping or watchful stare
I want a slumber long and deep
So now Old Granddad go to sleep