Reproach of an Exile

I sit beside the firelight’s cheery glow,
In Leicester city far away from home
And then again in memory, I will go
Across the sea to the OLD CORNERSTONE

For news has come which make my heart feel glad
And make me long again to travel back
But stay some other thoughts arise that make me sad
Some stain of guilt upon THE RED AND BLACK

Where honours due I’ll raise my cap with pride
And praise the men whose efforts were so fine
But not the ones whose principles have died
Who shook the guilt stained hand of John F Ryan

Did victorys flush dissolve their souls of snow
Or liquors strong drown principles once dear
Or a Friday writeup make them quickly go
Up to the square to give John F a cheer

These are the men I thought would play their part
On the field they did but only there I fear
They never had a conscience or a heart
Their vows were just a sham their courage a veneer

I sit beside the firelights cheery glow
And other visions come to me alone
When once a group of men at night did go
And put some whitewash on THE CORNERSTONE.

William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)