The Bishopsgate Slide

(The Inferno of Inflation to Counteract the Freeze)

Oh my friends lend an ear and the truth I’ll declare
Attention now pay and no facts will I hide
‘Twas the month of November, a time I’ll Remember
For I got a job on The Bishopsgate Slide

Arthur Fage was the foreman, he’d a servant and doorman
A secretary/typist, a valet and guide
An accountant with pages to keep track of his wages
When I went to work on The Bishopsgate Slide

There were favourable factors. Kind-hearted contractors
The union was strong and took them for a Ride
The agent was baffled and transferred to the scaffold
When I went to work on The Bishopsgate Slide

With a Card Steward bombastic and wages fantastic
Hard times of the building trade perished and died
With the forms they gave us. We’d weekends in Las Vegas
When I went to work on The Bishopsgate Slide.

We’d no old fashioned mixers. We had tycoon steel fixers
Who in their propriety murmured with pride.
God bless Trollops the giver. Good luck to Rom River
For landing a job like The Bishopsgate Slide.

So I’ll now end my story, of power, cash and glory
And that final ex gratia. Notes one twenty five
And the last thing I’ll mention is the favourable pension
From that Heaven on Earth called The Bishopsgate Slide

By William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)