The works found within this website are of significant literary and historical note. Whether they be a short story or sonnet, all play a part in contributing to the eminent history of Ireland and England as documented by a 1943 exile who left his heart in Cappoquin, County Waterford.

This website is a permanent memory to the works of a dedicated scholar of Ireland. William O’Donnell spent his life fighting for the recognition of the outstanding literary wealth of his country. He took pride in all things Irish and communicated the love of his country through the written word. Within this site you will find a range of artistic material, which reflects the thoughts and high regard which William O’Donnell held for his native land.

Also known as the ‘Bard of The Blackwater’, this site provides an opportunity for William’s works to be read once more and to contribute to Ireland’s, and in particular, Cappoquin’s history and to WODremind us that it was sometimes a challenge for an Irishman living in England.

On the assumption that some of the great stories of Cappoquin will not be forgotten, William wrote that they are ‘mentioned by old people to their sons, and so by tradition (his) immortality is assured’ – hopefully this website will fulfil this desire.

The works contained within this site should be considered in the context of when they were written.

This website has been created by one of William’s granddaughters, Hannah, upon finding all his works in 2013, while clearing his home in Chiswick where they had been left meticulously filed and untouched since his death in 1992.

If you would like to contact William’s family please use the comments sections on this site or email Hannah.E@outlook.com. We are also on Twitter @WODChiswick.

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