Passing Thoughts – on a friend

When in after years I’ll read my book of life
And contemplate the pages that are gone
The blissful days of peace, the years of strife
The ghosts of yesterday that linger on
Somehow I think that in that jumbled wreck
That scrapbook of events I’ll see a name
A memory of the days of move and check
A tribute to one who played the game.

I’ll scan the records of a better day
When a friend was true and helped when’er he could.
I’ll think again how when he went away
I missed him sorely – he was kind and good
And then again I’ll close my book and smile
At passing thoughts of hectic days of fore
Memories of life’s pathway, mile by mile
Happenings that now can be no more

By William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)