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  1. It happens that my wife’s great grandfather Patrick O’Donnell from the same area as the William spoken of here. Our William, older than yours, came Alabama in the south before the American civil war. He fought in the war for the South. After the warhe eventually ended up in Boston where he married a Waterford girl, Catherine Cashman. They had a number of children, one of whom was named William O’Donnell. His son in turn was William O’DONNELL. My wife’s father. Seems very like to be a related family.

  2. It would appear that In Pearse to Ireland , verse five there is a line missing ,after the Word ABOVE on the second line . Perhaps you could correct this on your website and let me know the line . M any thanks Michael Mc Dermott.

  3. I have only now discovered William O’Donnell and I have to say that I am greatly pleased that I have. His words ring true to my mind even though we live(d) different lives and are from different generations. I automatically respect any Irish man or woman who is not afraid to plumb the depths of their mind for truth or insight. Even more so for those willing to defend the status of Irish people and their culture which has been threatened perpetually by outsiders.

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