In Cappoquin Tonight

The light has gone and the night comes on
With its blessed darkening pall
And strong mountain men have come forth again
As the wind driven rain drops fall
Though outlawed and banned they have watched and planned
And now with supressed delight
They will soon descend and an era end
In Cappoquin tonight.

It was ’48 when the last long wait
Burst forth like a cannons blast
When Young Ireland then rebelled in vain
And the fateful die was cast
But with leaders jailed and a cause that failed
They’ve forgotten that anguish plight
And vow to atone at the Cornerstone
In Cappoquin tonight.

Near Crowhill and Lyre they are holding fire
As the blackening night comes on
And at Knockmealdown they are moving down
To join forces with Moonamon
In Lismore, Tourin and Kilderriheen
All the lowland folk will fight
And from staunch Knockboymen will strive and die,
In Cappoquin tonight.

But brave men and true have weapons few,
And watched for a pledged supply
Which would never come to avert the doom
That awaits for them bye and bye
But there’s no retreat and a shock defeat
Will darken the hopes now bright
They’ll be tragic flaws and a broken cause
In Cappoquin tonight.

They are gathering still near that wind swept hill,
And there’s moves in the vale below
And the flashing storms show those eerie forms
From one hundred years ago
From each felons grave come those spirits brave
Who will fade with the dawn and light
From Van Diemans land they will make a stand
In Cappoquin tonight.

William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)

(After the failure of the ’48 Rebellion, Doheney and Stephens toured Waterford in an attempt to rekindle the old fire. Michael Cavanagh of Cappoquin, poet, author and latest to be associated with Fr. Henebry of Ring in America was the link-man. Cappoquin had struck in ’48 after the failure in Ballingarry. In ’67 they again threw a futile but spirited banner to the breeze and joined the Fenian Rising.)