The Frozen Rom River

The Frozen Rom River

It was Friday, three o’clock, when the fixers got a shock
And the word went round that action was being planned.
It was snowing hard and fast, though they said it would not last
Still the ice and snow enveloped all the land.

Then to each and every site, to add panic to the fright
And to paint a bitter picture of the scene
Came the men who gave the word, though the job they all abhorred
Sid Adams and Bert Beasley and Bill Green

Then the tragic words were said, the instructions came from Ted
And the lines were busy ringing up H.O
Though a few tried their old tricks, they were cut to thirty six
Guaranteed inclement wages in the snow

Then we offered our regards and we handed them their cards
And we hoped that things would brighten before long.
They took them and looked to see what the charge xx had booked
And they argued that the blooming hours were wrong.

Then they pushed along the way, no doubt hoping for the day
To return; and just to ‘make do’ in between
And when in a future bright and to start off every site
Goes Sid Adams, Bert Beasley and Bill Green

William O’Donnell, 1963

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)

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