Media Coverage

William O’Donnell was a staunch fighter for Irish rights and respect – often challenging the media of the day in their sometimes dismissive portrayal of the Irish and succeeding in winning positive responses and acknowledgements.

He stood his ground against many national papers including The Daily Telegraph when he felt that unfair and inappropriate slurs were cast against Irish people. He was described in the English press as being ‘one of that very small but highly commendable group of our countrymen in Britain who keep a weather eye on anti-Irish public statements or media pronouncements’.

William made sure that ill-considered comments were responded to and the subsequent discussions were recorded in print for the world to see with reports of his efforts often published in The Irish Post. Regular correspondence with the Irish Post founder Frank Dolan were discovered in his home. In one Mr Dolan states ‘You are doing a valuable service on behalf of all of us’.

Scanned copies of some of this correspondence can be found within this section of the site. They are important records of the journey to equality that Irish people had to tread.

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