The Second Loyalty

Ah yes! I’ve stuck it beyond reason
Right through the span of two and twenty years,
I’ve never won, despite my long adhesion,
So platitudes have fallen on deaf ears,
I’ve smiled and grimaced at beholders,
And through my time I know I’ve played the game,
But all to no avail – the rocky way had boulders,
But I’ll stick the uphill struggle just the same.

It’s nice to write of hardship and devotion,
But in grim life the fight is not like that,
There’s hidden things and inner wheels in motion,
But I found nothing thus to smooth my path,
I did my work along the lines allotted
Got my pay and sometimes got the blame,
But in my case no rising graph was plotted,
But I’ll stick the uphill struggle just the same.

The Autumn looms – the fading light is dimmer,
Tomorrow brings no new found hope for me,
The passing years have made my chances slimmer,
Should I now halt? and clasp serenity,
But no! the fight goes on – the struggle beckons,
The final slog is with me – not the fame,
And I hope the last Promoter reckons
That I stuck the uphill struggle just the same.

By William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)