Tom Clarke The Fenian

Air:- The Factory Girl

A young man went walking one bright Easter morning,
The bullets of British did whistle and sing,
A bunch of insurgents were eagerly rushing,
Going down to the Four Courts the fight to begin,
He spied one among them more feeble than any,
Who carried a banner and on it a name,
It was Tom Clarke the Fenian, the lonely survivor,
The last Young Ireland to fight for Sinn Fein.

As he joined with the group and he picked up a rifle,
They fought down at Bolands and Jacobs as well,
But weary outnumbered, the leaders were taken,
And shot without warning as history can tell,
Old Ireland was beaten, the white flag was waving
And Tom Clarke was taken both weary and lame,
But clutching that banner his spirit unshaken,
Was the man who had fought his last fight for Sinn Fein.

A young man went walking one bright peaceful morning,
It was up to Glasnevin a grave for to see,
That spirit had gone to the land of its maker,
From British injustive at last he was free,
As he knelt down to murmur a prayer at the graveside,
A voice seemed to whisper and a vision there came,
It was Tom Clarke the Fenian, his lips they were speaking,
“Fight on for your freedom and honour Sinn Fein.”

William O’Donnell, March 26th 1966

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)