Ted Heath

Copies of the correspondance between William O’Donnell and Ted Heath following the enquiry William made into Ted’s criticism of County Cork during an interview on LBC in 1991, and below, copies of the communications between the two.

16.08.1979 – Original letter to Ted Heath (to which an acknowledgement was recieved but no response initially given.) – William
Page 1
WOD Heath letter 001
Page 2
William Response 31.07.1991

Acknowledgment of original letter reciept
Original response

18.07.1991 – Ted Heath’s 1st response
WOD_ Heather another letter 001

31.07.1991 – William’s response
William Response 31.07.1991

30.08.1991 – Ted Heath’s 2nd response
Heath 2nd response 30.08.91

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