Christmas Wishes

May peace and joy be yours this Christmastide,
That’s the wish of one who many times enjoyed,
An Irish Christmas of a bygone day,
Its Holy atmosphere and customs gay,
Its lavish parties and its hours of fun,
The merriness it held for everyone,
What memories come of days when we were boys,
Of simple, homely, native, Christmas joys.

But time moves on and changes soon appear,
The ranks get thinner year by year,
The distant lands entice the Gaels to roam,
They quietly wander far away from home,
Then at this time of year they travel back,
Again in memory o’er that beaten track,
And wish like me that blessings will abide,
With you all old friends this Christmastide.

By William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)

A later edition of Christmas 1945