The Colours Blue and White

Now gallant Deise hurlers since you have swept the field,
Hold the ground that’s nobly won and never fail or yield,
Show to all that now at last the onward march begins,
The march that until victory’s won will never, never end,
There’s one more step yet to be trod, then t’will be a lovely sight,
To see o’er all and floating high the colours Blue and White.

For years the struggle’s going on but victory n’er seemed near
And now at last you’ve touched the cup the counties hold so dear
All, all along, the fight went on, you never showed despair,
It took Irish blood to keep it up, with one object “we’ll get there”,
Now after all the day has dawned, it was earned with a fight
Hope never failed the men who wore the colours Blue and White.

The final charge must yet be made, to crown what came before,
Get ready now, a powerful drive will smash in victory’s door,
Backs defend until the end, if hard pressed never yield,
Out to the wing, a solid swing will drive it up midfield,
And forwards all, pull on the ball make sure you send it right
And hoist the flag, the breeze will fly – the colours Blue and White.

By William O’Donnell

©2013 The estate of William O’Donnell (Chiswick)

From original – ‘By Willie O’Donnell, late of Cappoquin, and first published to the All Ireland Final of 1938’